Gas Fireplace Installation

For a skilled do it yourself person, self installation may be feasible. However, most find it necessary to hire a professional to ensure it is properly installed. There are many safety factors at stake that just aren’t worth the risk of inferior work. Check with a fireplace store or local home improvement store for recommendations on a qualified, bonded installer. In addition to the obvious installation of the fireplace and flue system, there will also need to be gas piping into the home and some electrical wiring for the plug, switch and thermostat.

Before you tackle it or hire someone to do it, check with the local building department to find out what permits will be needed. If you hire an installer, they will be able to assist you with this, but to protect yourself make sure you oversee it and ensure it’s completion. Gas Fireplace Installation usually requires permits for installation of gas pipes, and for the fireplace and flue. These permits are not only required by the local government, but by your home owner’s insurance as well.

How To Install A Gas Fireplace?

If the system is a vented fireplace, the process will be more complicated and labor intensive. Everything from the size of the gas pipe used to the type of venting done will depend on the size and location of the fireplace. Within the gas system a shut off valve will have to be installed as well. Direct venting is typically the simplest of vented fireplaces to install as it does not require a chimney. It may or may not be possible to use existing chimney masonry. The manufacturer can supply codes and information for installation as well as things like what size hearth it will require, how much space or clearance to keep combustible materials from the fireplace. Since the venting will determine where the smoke goes, this is the most important step.

There are vent-less systems which are simpler to install, but still require attention to many safety issues.

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