How Builders Can Add Value to Their Homes With a Fireplace

How Builders Can Add Value to Their Homes With a Fireplace

By Dwayne R Bennett

Flip through any new home magazine and take a look at the pictures of the family or great rooms. What do you find? In almost all cases you’ll discover a picture of a beautiful fireplace.

Home buyers want a fireplace and factor this into their home buying decisions. Consumers equate home and family with the comfort that a fireplace offers. The fireplace becomes the focal point of any room that it is situated in. It not only offers a visual aesthetic but can also be the primary or secondary source of heat for the home. Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said “The Hearth is the Heart of the Home”. This stands true today. Research completed by the Hearth Patio Barbeque Association indicates that 85% of new home owners want a fireplace in their home. This is backed up by information from the National Association of Home Buyers that the second most desired amenity in a home is a fireplace. This is second only to outdoor spaces. With today’s technology outdoor living can be combined with a fireplace through units that are strictly designed for outdoor living or with units that are available as indoor/outdoor see through models.

Fireplaces will help builders grow their profits. Recent research conducted by Marshall & Swift indicate that the average appraisal value of a home is increased by $3,500 when the home contains a fireplace. Increased appraisal values ranged from $2,900 up to $5,400 and beyond. Ask your local appraisers how they value fireplaces and you’ll be pleased with their answers. Consumers also want to personalize their fireplaces and are willing to pay for upgrade options. Profits of 40% to 50% can be achieved on finishing options and add value to the fireplace package the builder is offering. Regardless of the style of home you are building, there is a fireplace to suit that style. Contemporary linear gas fireplaces offer a sleek modern look at one end of the spectrum while a traditional wood burning fireplace offers the smell and ambiance of an age old home heating practice.

Fireplaces provide the builder with a competitive advantage. The builder needs only to compare a picture of their home containing a fireplace to one of their competitors rooms with a empty, stark wall to reinforce the idea that the focal point of any room can be a fantastic fireplace. Direct vent technology used by almost all manufacturers of gas fireplaces meets all Green building requirements and offers an energy efficient option.

A fireplace is just another way for you, the builder, to add value for your clients and put a little more profit in your pocket.


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